Is there a weight limit?
No weight limit as it sits directly on your vehicle car seat. Make sure to follow instructions to secure it to the seat.


What if I have multiple car seats?
You can use it on ANY seat in the car that has a headrest. If you’ve got multiple children and car seats, use it on the front passenger or driver seat. Simply stow it behind the seat when not in use to maximize your cabin space.


Will my 1 year old fit on the changing pad?
Absolutely, our changing pad has over 25” of changing space, which means its big enough for toddlers too!


Why not just change them in the trunk?
In a sedan, it can feel uncomfortable or strange to place a baby in the trunk, even if it is to change a diaper.  In an SUV, you often have groceries, soccer gear, and of course the stroller in the way.


Is it machine washable?
Our diaper changing system is waterproof to protect your seat from messes and wipes down for easy cleaning.