Our Story

beanko is born 

The confidence I once felt in my corporate career quickly vanished after I became a first-time mom. Uncertainties mounted and the anxiety of trying to get the most important thing right took over me. 

A simple outing to the park, everyday errands and family road trips all of a sudden became a challenge when I realized diaper explosions always happen when you aren't expecting them! Picture it: A screaming baby. A disgusting public restroom. (Are they ever actually cleaned???) Rummaging through my diaper bag for that one last baby wipe. It's enough to make any mom feel overwhelmed and powerless. 

Not realizing it at first, I started planning my outings based on places that would accommodate diaper changes (restaurants, retailers, family activities) and when they could, I would wonder how clean and safe they were. My trunk space was taken up by the stroller and full of groceries or luggage during road trips. Men's restrooms never had a changing table for my husband to change baby. When I attempted diaper changes in the car, my son would naturally roll over on his side due to the sloped car seat which made changing him even harder. He would wiggle and squirm. There had to be a better way.

As I scoured the internet for a solution, I was surprised that there was nothing out there. I went to various blogs and mommy groups and came across a large number of parents who were experiencing the same problem. 

I set out to find an answer.  Then an idea came to mind which led to rough sketches and those sketches turned into patterns. Memories of my mom working into the wee hours of the night on her sewing machine making costumes for my recitals and dresses for special occasions inspired me to create.  Armed with a sewing machine and materials from the fabric store, I went to work. My idea started to take form and come to life. 

Endless hours and numerous versions later, beanko was born. I was now on the go with freedom to change my baby anytime, anywhere.

Just change, stow, and go…

… and let baby's adventures begin!