How It Works


Simple Installation:

1 Secure adjustable buckle straps to car seat.
2 Release padded cushion & roll into wedge to prep changing area.
3 Simply undo angled straps to make space for baby's legs.

Perfect Uses:

Changing diapers in the car has never been easier! With the new Beanko Mobile Changing Station, you'll always have a clean place to change baby anytime, anywhere...!

Unique foldable wedge fills in seat gap, no more babies rolling on inclined bucket seats, no weight limits, no more stress! Plus, 25" of changing space means its big enough for toddlers too!

Organized- Essentials and necessities are within reach, so you never lose contact with baby.  

Sanitary- NO more need to ever take baby into yucky Public Restrooms!                                    

Private- Easily wipe down to clean messes in the privacy of your own car. No more waking sleeping siblings to change one baby’s diaper. Dads love it!            

Efficient- Toy loops and tablet/phone holder keep baby distracted so you can take care of business and get back to laughter and fun!

Multiple Uses- Changing pad detaches to use on its own as a tummy time mat and organizer/table viewer keeps essentials handy in car even when babies are out of diaper stage.

Perfect for on the go, playdates, shopping, parks, zoos, soccer games, beaches, camping, and an essential to have on road trips!

Change, Stow and Go...!